Hearthstone Voyage To The Sunken City Card Reveal: Hedra The Heretic


Hearthstone's next expansion, Voyage to the Sunken City, launches on April 12. The new set will introduce an entirely new class, Naga, the undersea race of magical beings, which reward using spells while they sit in your hand. When you get a class-based legendary Naga, of course the spell-based synergy is huge.

Enter Hedra the Heretic, a Druid legendary minion and part of the new Naga class. The 7-Mana minion with 4/5 stats has a relatively low stat-line, but its Battlecry is huge. It summons a minion equal to the spell cost of each spell you've cast while Hedra was in your hand. Yikes.

The Druid legendary Hedra the Heretic

That ability makes Hedra a good late-game finisher for Druid decks that favor big spells. Some of those will be cycling out of Standard rotation this year, but last year Blizzard introduced the Core Set, which allows it to cycle in cards from any past expansion to lay the groundwork from upcoming expansions. It's safe to say that we'll either see some high-cost spells returning, or new ones added to the pool in the Sunken City expansion.

But Hedra is even viable as a mid-game option for decks that run some lower-cost spells. If you can pop off Hedra flanked by two random 4- or 6-cost minions, she becomes a good value play and difficult to answer that early in the game.

According to the official description, Hedra rejected the rule of Queen Azshara, which may have been a bad idea.

"While most will tell you otherwise, not all Naga choose to follow Queen Azshara. Those that don't are cast out into the deep sea, with only a few able to survive on their own. Hedra is one of those few. She travels the ocean to either turn Queen Azshara's followers against her or vanquish those that won't."

Aside from the new Naga class, Voyage to the Sunken City introduces two new keywords. Dredge lets you grab cards from the bottom of the deck, while Colossal minions come in multiple parts and are all summoned simultaneously regardless of where each piece happens to be in your deck. Blizzard will be updating with more details on the new year of content and Core Set changes shortly before launch. Two Voyage to the Sunken City bundles are available for preorder now.

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