Tunic: Where To Find The Sword


Tunic is great fun but you're going to struggle without a sword, unless you're planning on using the game's invincibility mode. Even then, can you imagine playing a cute Zelda-style game without a sword? In this guide, we'll help you find the sword as quickly as possible so you can start slashing some grass--and enemies too!

Where to get a sword in Tunic

Tunic provides players with a stick to fend off enemies rather quickly, but it'll take you a little time to get a hero's sword. After equipping the stick from the cave, head up the steps, passing the locked door on the right.

We'll be returning to this door once we have a key in just a moment. Continue up the next set of steps before heading west over a bridge. Grab the key on the ground and then make your way back to the locked door. Open the door and make your way through the cave before using the ladders and stairs to head north. There will be enemies, which you can avoid or fight. Keep in mind that sprinting (holding A) uses no stamina and can be used without penalty, though eventually, the hero will take a breather.

After ascending to the top, head east on the bridge. You can't go west yet anyway. Not without the sword. The giant door past the sign leads to the East Forest, which is home to the East Bell and the hero's sword.

There will be a lot of enemies on the next few screens. Fighting or running is up to you but they're abundant. Don't stress if you're defeated in combat; you'll respawn at the last visited bonfire and there are a few on the path to the sword. Just remember that enemies respawn whenever you rest at a fire.

If you're more of a visual learner, use our picture-by-picture guide to your trusty sword.Gallery

Make your way to the right side of this room and drop down the ladder. The other steps lead to a view of the East Belltower but there's no way to access the space from there.

Rest at the bonfire after dropping down the ladder and then make your way out of the room and down the outside steps. Continue right while avoiding or fighting enemies until you see a sign next to a building. The sign reads 'Hero's Grave' with a sword icon. That's where we're heading.

Make your way around the sign. You'll come into a new clearing that's called 'Path to Hero's Grave.' You can't go up the main steps because they're blocked but you can make your way up by moving around the steps.

Avoid the sword-wielding enemy while moving around the right side of the bushes. This leads to a path that allows you to continue moving up.

Continue right after going up the two sets of stairs. You can't access the chest on the left until you have the sword. Speaking of the sword, continue right and down the ladder. This leads to a lever that will open the giant locked gate below, opening a path to the hero's sword.

Make your way back down and through the gate after activating the lever. Snake through the grass path and open the chest at the end to get the hero's sword. Don't forget to equip it before making your way through the legions of grass and enemies that await you on the rest of your journey! You can also destroy bushes now, like the one blocking the previously aforementioned treasure chest. Don't forget to read our Tunic review.

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